Tommy Hilfiger

Today’s outfit inspiration is a little leftover from the Derby. What do you think? I love the alleyway behind my place. Plenty of great backgrounds for photoshoots in my neighborhood.

Where to get my prepster gear:

Garden Fashion. Today’s outfit was inspired by the plaid prepsters of the 80s.

I’m rocking a Tommy Hilfiger oxford shirt, a brown knit tie by…I have no idea cause I lost the tag, and plaid Express pants.

Of course, always shoed in Cole Haan.

Happy Friday everyone!

The Making of an American Prep: Part 2 – Research

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The Cougar 4-Point Style Research Plan:

  1. Investigate the components of your intended style switch. For instance if its Preppy, sign up for the newsletters of some of the preppiest brands you know, and read them!
  2. Compare trends across different brands. Look for similarities. Preps tend to like common trendy items like “Tweed” and “Boat Shoes” and “Chinos.”
  3. Know the terminology of your new style so that you’re looking and asking for the right things. For aspiring preps Brooks Brothers has a great glossary on their blog that with a little study will have you talking of gingham and madras with confidence and ease.
  4. Establish what your likes and dislikes about the new style you’re attempting to adopt. Don’t adopt aspects of the style you don’t care for because you won’t wear those items with confidence. The man makes the clothes.
  5. Shop! Visit the stores (on-and-offline) of your target brands. Look at the sales associates and what they’re sporting, look at the catalogs, even the decor. You don’t have to purchase anything yet. But shopping is the main tenant of style research.

When changing one’s life, in any way, research is necessary so that mistakes aren’t made. In this case I was decidedly changing my closet from Euro to American Prep. I had to be sure that this was the right move, especially socially.

Growing up I had very few fashion influences. I lived a humble rural life with my parents in Washington State, which is largely void of fashion sense. My older cousin took me under his wing and introduced me to suits and finer things when I was around 15, and that I think spurred my interest in overall “looking good” and “dressing well.” But I shunned his preppy oxford shirts and loafers as old man style and not for me.

Prep is so much more than that. As I started to get bored with my every day suits I realized that it is because they’re so plain jane. There is no flair, there is no punch. I would add things to make my outfits more stylish such as an occasional bow-tie or pair of brightly colored socks, but that’s about as good as it gets. I needed more.

Although some might find pretentious, in American Preppy closets you’ll see styles that “normal” folk just won’t wear. The chartreuse and dusty berry colored pants, top-siders, lobster or spouting whales over everything is just not normal. But I was seriously tired of blending into the crowd.

So, how to go Prep. The first move is research. I started with what I call the HOLY QUAD OF PREPPY FASHION: Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and J.Crew. We already know I’m in bed with Cole Haan when it comes to shoes. There are plenty of other Preppy labels out there, but for research sake I decided to focus on those four key brands.

I signed up for each brands e-newsletter and watched the sales and styles that came through each week. I was able to compare and contrast trends across brands, and honestly that helped me establish what I wanted my look to be. Plus you can’t beat weekly deals.

Through researching this Prep thing I wanted to get into, once I started collecting pieces of a new wardrobe, I did so with confidence and I’ve found a style that I can now call my own.

Next week: The Transformation

Stay tuned.

– Cougar

A Making of an American Prep: Part 1

To read Part II | Part III

Last year I started getting a bit restless.

Guys, for the most part, aren’t as gung-ho about shopping excursions as our better halves are, especially in the clothing department. Surprisingly, I’m no different. Those who know me well know that my style hasn’t changed too much over the last few years.

My sense of fashion had plateaued.

As an office dweller I’ve been used to European-cut suits since the day I graduated from college. For the last seven years I’ve been wearing two-button two-and-three piece suits. And they’ve been awesome. Simple and classic. Those to adjectives have been my mantra.

Last year though…I started to get an itch. I was bored. Bored with a lot of things, but especially my wardrobe. Then someone introduced me to The Preppy Handbook.


That book, coupled with an uber-prep outfit I saw in a GQ magazine seriously changed my life. Mind you, this was on my trip over to the Middle East for two weeks, so I had plenty of time to ponder the next stage of my style evolution.

Red pants. GTFO. What a-holes wear red pants? Well, preps wear red chinos. And green chinos. And assorted other things with anchors and lobsters and whales on them.

Top-siders, bloodies, friends named Chip & Muffy, Squash, Flotillas and duck print motifs. I have a lot to learn.

Well, maybe I’ve got the bloodies down.

The transformation to American Prep is going to be a rough one, but I’m determined.

Stay tuned. 

*the first being, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

When you are branding and building a brand, remember that fashion is very much a part of it, but fashion is fleeting and style is forever.

Tommy Hilfiger


  • Plaid Pants – Express
  • Cream Cowl-Neck Sweater – H&M
  • White Oxford Shirt – Tommy Hilfiger
  • Blue Tie – Vintage JC Penny
  • Pocket Square – No label…found at Nordstrom Rack

#FASHION | I can’t believe another week has passed us by. Then again, its going to be one hell of a weekend!

What are your plans?

  • Bow tie – Rooster
  • Oxford shirt – Tommy Hilfiger
  • Sweater – Express for Men
  • Scarf – found by a friend at a vintage shop in Virgina

#FASHION | Does this Bright Chartreuse Mesh with My Pink Flambé?

well @pantonetrends …does it?

No, I would never, ever, actually be heard asking this question to anyone. Ever.

It just so happens that these are two of the ten colors chosen for the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012.

Get up on some of your favorite designers like Rachel Roy, Charlotte Ronson, Tommy Hilfiger and the eccentriccally eclectic Betsey Johnson will be bringing to their stores.

> Fashion Designer Outlook – Fall 2012

Women’s Palate

Men’s Palate

Download the Pantone Fall 2012 Color Report.

ps, Chartreuse is a springy shade of green by the way. And I am down with Chartreuse. If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning try a brighter green (chartreuse) sheet set. Makes waking up each morning feel like you just took the best summer nap.

pps, truly excited to be wearing Rhubarb and Sea Fog this fall. Truly.

Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama

September 23, 2011 (Los Angeles) Starlets, musicians, philanthropists and fashionistas converged on the historic Opheum Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for Macy’s Passport Presents GLAMORAMA

The night was a perfect blend of music, art, dance and of course this Fall/Winter season’s HOTTEST looks from labels such as Tommy Girl, Armani Jeans, Macy’s Impulse and RACHEL Rachel Roy, just to name a few.

This spectacular fundraiser benefiting Project Angel Food and the APLA featured platinum recording artists Far East Movement and Cee-lo Green. The energy at the Orpheum was EXPLOSIVE.

Highlights including images/video of some of MY favorite moments after the jump!

The night not only showcased Fall/Winter looks from hot labels, but also dance scenes of ballet and street hop, and a touching special tribute by the stunning Sharon Stone to Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor, the chairwoman of Passport Glamorama until her death, helped raise over $41 million for the fight against childhood illness, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

For overall highlight images, click here.

Far East Movement rocked the Orpheum with some of their hottest hits and stunning electric guitar riffs interspersed with looks from label BAR III. To check out their hit Fly Like a G6, click here.

Cee-lo Green’s finale performance of F*** You ended with a short, but explosive tribute, to one of my favorite all time bands, Nirvana!


My three favorite sets were from Tommy Girl, Macy’s Impulse and RACHEL Rachel Roy.

I LOVE a preppy girl and of course wanted to take every model from the Tommy Girl collection home for some G&Ts followed by bloodies in the morning 😉

Macy’s Impulse was a perfect showcase of eclectic designer looks that really brings the Macy’s name back to prominence. I hope to see some of these looks on the career women of DTLA this season.

And finally RACHEL Rachel Roy. I already posted her video for this season here. I’ve been to Fashion Week in Miami, LA and New York and I don’t ever think I’ve been overcome physically by what I’ve seen on the runway. My heartrate was seriously elevated by the beauty of the music, the visuals and the clothes and the way the show perfectly captured the story of Rachel Roy’s rich travels. I told my girl Laura Hunt that I near about had a fashion orgasm during this set. Oops.

Each image below is clickable for more highlights from the corresponding label.


BONUS: Video Clip of Armani Jeans set. Very cool, very mod look at this season.