Family Feud: Sicky v. TOMS


When Stephanie got her new Sicky S2 Tortoise sunglasses in I had no idea the battle that would take place, not unlike the War of the 5 Kings (GoT reference). Here I was in standoff between Stephanie, my dear Pap Pap, and my mother…although mother was content repping TOMS, so for her the struggle was more just to prove that she looked the best generally speaking.

So, I leave it up to you…who wore it best?? (more…)


You Only Turn ___ Once

the blogger boyfriend stephanie liu kyle hjelmeseth malibu wine safari stargazing kennington man

You only turn 25 once, so you better do the damn thing while in your moment, right? Unlike me, my boo is a little bit less turnt up. My 25th year on Earth was marked by a 5-day Bacchanal festival of raging held in Chicago.  Knowing that my lady is a bit more classic, a bit more…refined I dare say…than me at 25 lead to a completely different type of adventure…  (more…)

Red Rock Stars – Another Blogger Boyfriend Roadtrip

IMG_9787Kyle Sedona 7Sedona 3

Vortexs, energy crystals, mystic talismans…ain’t nobody got time for that! What I did love about road-tripping with my Style Queen, Steph of, is that we got a blast of how incredible Mother Nature can unexpectedly be. I never cease to be amazed, and be grateful, for how much beauty is at our finger tips. (more…)

TGIF: A Gorgeous Way to End the Summer (Sale Alert)


My friend Alison is incredibly stunning. She plays off in the waves of Lake Michigan or in the shadows of the hottest Chicago clubs, and I get updated with these pictures of perfection and loving life.

I told Alison that my readership would love this dress and she clued me in on where to find…can you guess?

BCBG. And guess what again…

It’s on SALE.

Known as the Sahale Asymmetrical Halter Dress. Perfect to squeeze the best out of those last summer nights, the dress drips with radiance, shimmer and sex appeal.

Just make sure that if you’re going to do it, do it right. See picture above if you need inspiration.

Question of the Week

Would you rather follow your dreams but never fall in love or fall in love but have no ambition or life goals?


I think that love would create the goal.

– Cougar

Taste of LA: NOM NOM NOM (Photos)

Food festivals are the best money I’ve ever spent. Last year I should have learned my lesson at the LA Street Food Fest…the lesson of don’t eat for three days before the fest. My mistake, I had a bagel before heading to the Taste of LA over labor day weekend.

Those of you who purchased 3-day passes…you’re braver than I. Now I didn’t get to sample everything that Field to Fork had to offer, but I came close. Just ask my stomach. I spent the weekend stuffed up on treat offerings from incredible eateries such as FigOly, 9021PHO and The BLVD.

I have since crowned myself, “Gourmand.” Quail steaks, crab gazpachos and lobster rolls…each succulent morsels was enjoyed and now I fancy myself in the know in regard to the best of LA food.

Full list of participating restaurants down bottom. Enjoy the fest for your eyes…

– Cougar

Quail! So incredibly delicious!

Stella Artois was giving out these swag chalices and a great bag to hold your goodies!

Svedka has these rad screen-printing stations. Love my custom shirt they made for me.

9021Pho. Spicy and delicious!

Chef Kimmy Tang from 9021Pho

My first time having escargot and crab gazpacho. Delicious from FigOly!

Peach pies from Good Girl Dinette

I love LA.

Strawberry shortcake

These Lobster Rolls were the hit of the Taste!

A/K/A Bistro
Avalon Grille
Bistro 45
Casa Azul Cantina
Cook’s County
Good Girl Dinette
Juan’s Restaurante
Lexington Social House
Locanda del Lago
M Cafe
Mr. Chow
Ombra Ristorante
Ray’s & Stark Bar
Red O
Rocio’s Moles de Dioses
Soleto Trattoria & Pizza Bar
Tender Greens
The Blvd at Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Valerie Confections
Wood & Vine

Once in a … (guess)

after all, it’ll be another 3 years before we see it again…

Football Fashion on KTLA! (VIDEO)

What a GREAT way to start the day! Sydne Summer of Sydne Style…an incredible fashion expert, blogger, stylist, friend…you name it…invited me to pose down on KTLA this morning! The jist was to show off great, affordable fashions for football season.

Ugh, now everyone knows that I am a STEELERS fan…so having to wear a Raiders shirt was like a cross to a vampire. I am a good sport though, and I worked it.

Check out the video and great pictures from today’s shoot.

Thanks again Sydne! And a big thanks to Nicole of Allison Brod Public Relations for making this happen!

Where to get what we’re wearing:

On Sydne (center):
Victoria’s Secret PINK Bling jersey, and added Koral Two Months jeans, a BCBG watch and Sole Society Katilyn pumps.

On ME:
Old Navy Raiders tee and jeans

On Mikey:
Old Navy Chargers tee and shorts

On Lynsey:
Victoria’s Secret PINK Shrunken Hoodie and Boyfriend Pant

On Erin:
Victoria’s Secret PINK Drapey tee,

On Izze:
Old Navy Patriots tee and pants

On Connor:
Old Navy USC tee and shorts

And all the models wore Make Your Own Havaianas.

My buddy Mikey and I showing off our great gear. PS, I hate the Raiders.

Showing my dissatisfaction of having to wear this ridiculous Raiders gear. Bleh!

Sneaking a Tebow in is never a bad idea.

Question of the Week

If you could direct a sequel to any movie, which would you choose?


A tie between American Psycho and Titanic.

– Cougar

How to Survive New York Fashion Week: A Dinner Affair

For us, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one of the most sought after event invitations of the year, and by us I mean the bloggerazzi elite. I started going to Fashion Weeks in 2009 and eased into the situation with Miami…and by all accounts Miami is the shaded hammock of Fashion Weeks.

Truth. NYFW is the cold, unforgiving ground.

Being a bit more senior to the scene, Brian Dowling of Dowling Photography and I thought it would be a cool idea to invite our LA blogger buddies to a little dinner chat session, topic: How to Survive NYFW.

As the “dinner party” came and went not much fashion week talk occurred, but I’m pretty content with having met some incredible individuals that I hope to know for a life time. That being said, I still have some friendly advice to give for those popping their Fashion Week…well you know…in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of:

  • Plan your outfits. No, you’re not going to attend over 100 shows…it’s just not possible. But you will be moving non-stop and planning ahead will save you loads of time. Pick your outfits out in advance. Create a lookbook on your phone or laptop of what goes with what. Group them together in your luggage. Always be ready to GO.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. This is one time where style over comfort does not apply. You’ll be constantly moving, fighting for position, running, etc. It is better to be nimble than be easily pushed over.
  • Plan your shows and be there early. My first fashion week I made a hit list and look book of all the designers I wanted to see. I knew their stats, previous season and hopes for this season. Showing up early can sometimes be all that’s needed to nab you a seat versus standing only…and if you’re early you might just get a scoop that others would die for.
  • Either smile or keep your mouth closed. Smiling makes you more approachable and networking is the name of the game. Keeping your mouth closed makes you less likely to look awkward if you get caught in a photo op.
  • Oh, and in terms of networking…be nice to everyone. Genuinely nice, not fake nice. Be interested. The interns have been working longer and harder than you can imagine, so treat them like geniune GOLD and they will remember you.
  • Power Bars/Red Bull/Chewing gum. If you have time for anything else you’re doing something wrong or you’re not where you’re supposed to be.
  • Come prepared. Use your phone as your notepad. Bring a point-and-shoot that rocks and leave the DSLR at home or in the hotel. If you’re not shooting from the pit your pocket cam will be much better and much less hassle than that $1,500 Nikon. Also bring 250 business cards and pass them out like candy.
  • I would tell you to respect seating arrangements, but you probably won’t be seated, so be happy with what you get.
  • Oh, and watch out for blood/powder/feces throwers. Not joking.

That’s the best of it. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below.

I hope this helps!

– Coug

Photos featuring Stephanie from Honey & Silk, Emily from Stiletto Beats, Lillian from Studs & Sapphires, Elizabeth from A Keene Sense of Style, An from Haute Pink Pretty, Rachel Meis from Rachel Meis Communication and Bianca the incredible Hairstylist/MUA.