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Cross Section LA: Larchmont Village – LA’s Secret Style Haven

Have you ever heard of Larchmont? Us either until a couple of years ago when a friend randomly walked through and said we had to see it with our own eyes.

A small and chic wonderland tucked into timeless main street unfolded before our eyes…

Best Accessory.

All images by Kyle Hjelmeseth /2012

Cross Section LA: Plum Warmers – Downtown Los Angeles

A couple of young ladies were wearing plums in Downtown, mixing them with warm/cool clothes as its still a nice 70ish degrees. Exhibit A with the cool sheer top, plum pants and chunky scarf, and Exhibit B with the daisy dukes, plum hat and thick cardigan. What do you think of how they’re wearing this Fall’s #1 color?

Cross Section LA: #BlackFriday Style Scarcity on Rodeo

We usually don’t leave the house on Black Friday, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see some of LA’s fashion gold-diggers out in force. Unfortunately for us, we forgot to charge the camera before leaving home.

Here are just a few shots of what we saw on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills before the power died.

We totally dug the style of both of these young ladies. This is the second time we’ve seen that all-studded snapback around LA, which we’ll say is signalling an upcoming trend. We found a few online retails such as Filthy Magic that are selling these here in the States. Prepare for everyone to be sporting this look as soon as Forever 21 or Urban releases it.


All images by Kyle Hjelmeseth / 2012.

Cross Section LA: Country Kickin’ – Downtown Los Angeles

This week:


Last Week:


Plaids, cowboy boots, hats and stylish belt buckles…

Are we seeing a bit of a ladies rodeo revival here in LA?

Cross Section LA: Joyrich Baggy Swag


What do you think of this young man’s ensemble? He has the colored frame trend we spotted in Santa Monica last week in effect…

Cross Section LA: K-POP Princesses

Not often spotted in the Fashion District, what do you think of this K-Pop duo? Is that even the right title or would you call this something different?


Cross Section LA: A Hip Corner – Downtown Los Angeles

We like it when the subjects naturally pose without even knowing they’re being photographed.


Cross Section LA: The Kingdom of Zamunda Meets Downtown LA

Doesn’t this young prince remind you of Coming to America? We had an 80’s flashback as soon as we spotted him near 7th Street and Grand Avenue in Downtown LA.

What do you think?


Cross Section LA: Bob Dylan Haunts Downtown

Is there a new Dylan bio-pic shooting?

Cross Section LA: They Call Them Mellow Yellows – Downtown LA

Last week most of Los Angeles seemed to have this expectation of impending snow storm. We saw many great ensembles, but they were incredibly layered with knits, scarves, beanies, etc. and by mid-week it hit 80 degrees. The temperature quickly cooled off, but going into this week Downtowners balked at a high of 64 and we saw great light fare, and only a few bundled up.

Yellow pants seemed to be today’s story as we spotted four pairs all within a block from each other. Those who work in the Fashion District must have coordinated today.