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And They’re Off! TBB Day at the Races

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Thanks to my cousin in my 20s I started to develop this sickness that I couldn’t stop from spreading…The Prep Flu. I started desiring colored pants, polos and oxfords like I had never had an itch for before. I wanted to summer on the shore. I wanted to play preppy games. I wanted to dress in pastels and go to the horse races!!!

I’ve been slowly trying to make up for my lost childhood of not being a prep by hanging out on boats and buying more J.Crew. This year I turned another corner, put on my bowtie and grabbed my gorgeous girlfriend, and we went to play the ponies in our Sunday’s best… (more…)


Reintroducing Myself: The Blogger Boyfriend

Time has passed and many things have changed since I last sat behind the keys of what was once my own “fashion blog.” In the last year I got too busy to keep going, with all the events, photos and well, blogging, I had to do I decided that if I wasn’t making a million dollars I would stop doing certain things. So I stopped…and I was too busy to really mind.

Along comes my honey, Stephanie Liu of Now we’ve been together for over a year, and yes, she is definitely a part of the too busy syndrome I had been affected by, but then something interesting started to happen. Slowly I would attend this event with her, and that dinner. This product launch and that collection unveiling. I started being her plus one…for everything!

At first I didn’t think about it much. Nice stay during Coachella weekend…cool. Free shirt here and there…neat. But then the food started happening, and I was like whoa…I could get used to this!

I take her photos (sometimes, not all the time), and I get to tag along, and so I started to think that maybe being the significant other of a serious blogger is almost as cool as being the blogger yourself. I want to create something worth reading. I think a voice has been missing, the one that talks about the other person in the picture. There is a guy generally standing a little off to the side scarfing down a crab cake while taking candid shots of his gorgeous woman doing her thing…and that guy is me.

So, please pardon our dust as I revamp and re-establish my groove. Welcome to The Blogger Boyfriend.

Box seats at the Mrs. Carter tour...I could get used to that...

Box seats with Bae at the Mrs. Carter tour? I could get used to that…