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the blogger boyfriend www.honeynsilk.com new england martha's vineyard kyle hjelmeseth combatant gentlemen paige denimthe blogger boyfriend www.honeynsilk.com new england martha's vineyard kyle hjelmeseth the blogger boyfriend www.honeynsilk.com new england martha's vineyard kyle hjelmeseth edgartown lighthouse

There are many instance throughout my life where I think to myself that I am content, and I have it all figured out, only to be proven wrong…over, and over again. In the last few years my inspiration board had started to look a Brooks Brothers catalog, complete with sprawling abode in The Hamptons. While here in LA I found myself spending more and more time in Larchmont Village because my perception was that I desired to be life those people, and trust me, I still do. But ideals change when the world beyond your walls is discovered, and my idea of what feels like home shifted once again as our ferry took us from Woods Hole to Vineyard Haven, or more simply Martha’s Vineyard.

What simple inspiration would I find there?




the blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth newport rhode island luxury vanderbiltthe blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth newport rhode island luxury the chanler at cliff walk combatant gentlemen

Waking up to be a Vanderbilt, or descendant of (like Anderson Cooper!) would sure be nice, would it not? Then again, more money…more problems, and upon basking in the glory of their fine residences Bellevue Avenue you have to wonder, what’s the upkeep on that? Newport, Rhode Island though, old money and all, was an incredible getaway for Stephanie, and the chance for us to step back in time and play a little, “what if?” What if I made enough money to afford the upkeep on that home? What it…what…if…


Boyfriend + New England, A Tryst: THE HAMPTONS

the blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth new england fashion stephanie liu www.honeynsilk.com

As the business of being the boyfriend of a blogger goes, I think Stephanie and I are entering a golden era. Stephanie has always been a dreamer, but I think she been growing more and more adventurous, under my bad influence, and we’ve turned quite a few normal trips into excuses for photo-shoots. This connection between dream and making it a reality found it’s high-gear, and in that lane she turned my obsession with the idea of a preppy life and my over-use of the idea of “The Hamptons,” into a turbo six-day New England road-trip extravaganza.

5 cities…East Hampton, NY, Newport, RI, Martha’s Vineyard, Falmouth, MA and Boston…in 5 days. And we did it…and we came back broken and exhausted, but I also came back with a new dream in my heart…


Outfitted for Combat: NYFW

…and so I make my way back to the arena where I was first baptized in couture…Fashion Week.



Five years ago I made my first round to Miami Fashion Week in the summer of 2009, and then New York Fashion Week in the following fall. They were night and day to each other, Miami being this week long retreat of designers, press and South Beach party-goers to New York’s high-fashion, high-fuel gauntlet of shows. These experiences are what made me hunger for the imagination of design, and the beauty of presentation…I just so luckily happen to be The Blogger Boyfriend, and when Stephanie went on assignment, so did I go with her…and I went outfitted for the fashionable urban jungle. Meow. (more…)

MAGIC in the Desert


kyle hjelmeseth the blogger boyfriend www.honeynsilk.com menswear blog las vegas MAGIC WWD

kyle hjelmeseth the blogger boyfriend www.honeynsilk.com menswear blog stephanie liu las vegas MAGIC WWD

Far be it from me to turn down a free night or two in Las Vegas with the lady… (more…)

You Only Turn ___ Once

the blogger boyfriend stephanie liu kyle hjelmeseth malibu wine safari stargazing kennington man

You only turn 25 once, so you better do the damn thing while in your moment, right? Unlike me, my boo is a little bit less turnt up. My 25th year on Earth was marked by a 5-day Bacchanal festival of raging held in Chicago.  Knowing that my lady is a bit more classic, a bit more…refined I dare say…than me at 25 lead to a completely different type of adventure…  (more…)

A Quarter Century of Awesome: The Blogger Girlfriend’s Birthday

Steph Bday 2014blog-03

25 years is a substantial commitment to being around these days, and when celebrating this hallowed birthday I feel like we should be awarded medals. Good job…25 years of being awesome…*slow clap*

Well she did it…SHE DID IT!!! Stephanie is turning 25 gorgeous, delightful years old tomorrow (Friday)…and if I had a medal to give, she would surely have it pinned on her fashionable birthday suit.

Do me a solid. Before you click *more* where you’ll get to read a story about us, please wish Stephanie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from around the world:



Red Rock Stars – Another Blogger Boyfriend Roadtrip

IMG_9787Kyle Sedona 7Sedona 3

Vortexs, energy crystals, mystic talismans…ain’t nobody got time for that! What I did love about road-tripping with my Style Queen, Steph of honeynsilk.com, is that we got a blast of how incredible Mother Nature can unexpectedly be. I never cease to be amazed, and be grateful, for how much beauty is at our finger tips. (more…)

71 Stanton Grand Opening…and how I saved an old woman


Some people make greatness happen, others wait for greatness to happen to them. After waiting a lifetime for greatness to strike, I finally had my hero moment!! Let me back up for a second… (more…)

Wear. Stay. Drink. Eat. BRNV14 Roadtrip Part 3


Bucket list – CHECK. Saw my favorite group of all time perform live on day 3 of our Bottlerock Napa Valley road trip…and it was everything we could have hoped and dreamed. Or at least for me it was fulfilling hopes and dreams, for Steph, maybe it was more about filling her tummy, haha!  (more…)