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I don’t know what I was doing, but I had fun doing it.

The Cool Kids. #la #streetstyle #menswear #fashion #style #subway (Taken with instagram)

Still on that baseball weekend high.

#baseball #style #fashion #dodgers #la #menswear #prep #streetstyle (Taken with instagram)

If you’re into LA fashion you have to rep LA sports. Go Blue. Go Dodgers.#la #dodgers #baseball #fashion #style (Taken with instagram)


Food trucks, pop up shops and hottie blogger girls. What more could you ask for on a Sunday? Left Coast Fashion will DEFINITELY be there!

From the Patch:

The historic Hollywood Tower is set to host its second major fashion pop-up event featuring Kate Bosworth’s JewelMint, Designer Blaque Label, William B, radio station 98.7 FM and L.A.’s top fashion bloggers and stylists on Sunday, March 4 from 12-4pm. Taking place in the heart of Hollywood just off the 101 Freeway, the iconic Hollywood Tower Apartments, has invited the best of L.A.’s lifestyle pop-ups and A-List food trucks to cater to the residents of Hollywood and the surrounding areas for an afternoon of shopping, music and food. Entry to the event is FREE!

#streetstyle #FASHION | Its a chilly, albeit sunny, day in LA.

Invest in timeless pieces that will rarely go “out of trend.” Half of my wardrobe is made up of items I picked up in college that are still relevant and stylish today.

Also, a tip for everyone, use texture or pattern in there to break up solids and give your outfit some pop!

Always willing to help you find your classic style. Questions?

#LIFE | Sh*t People Don’t Say in LA ( via @funnyordie )

  1. “I’m sorry, that’s your spot, you were here first, my bad.” 
  2. “I’ll be there early because there’s literally no traffic.”
  3. “The 405 is totally clear.”

None of the above.