Dear Cougar: A Friend’s Husband Kissed Me *Blank Stare*


DEAR COUGAR:  A friend’s husband gave me a ride to the airport, and when I went to hug him goodbye as I have always done when we parted, he grabbed me by the arms and kissed me on the lips several times. I wasn’t expecting it, and I certainly hadn’t invited it. I made light of it, but it made me very uncomfortable and I don’t want to see him again.

My problem is I don’t know how to end my friendship with his wife. I would never tell her, and I do not wish to have this standing between us, so I’d rather just end the friendship. How should I handle this? She occasionally contacts me for lunch dates. — Dismayed in Manhattan



How dismayed could you possibly be? How do you even call yourself a friend if you’re more down with dumping your friendship over telling your girl? My bet is that you were actually down with these rogue kisses from day one. You bad girl, you.

Put the guy on blast. I mean we all know what kind of husband does that kind of thing…one who thinks he can get away with it. It’s not like you stopping your friendship with her will stop him…in fact it’ll probably make him more eager now that you less connected to his wife.

Either air him out or go with it like I’m guessing you secretly want to. If you decide to do the latter I hope you wear your scarlet letter loud and proud.

– Cougar

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