Family Feud: Sicky v. TOMS


When Stephanie got her new Sicky S2 Tortoise sunglasses in I had no idea the battle that would take place, not unlike the War of the 5 Kings (GoT reference). Here I was in standoff between Stephanie, my dear Pap Pap, and my mother…although mother was content repping TOMS, so for her the struggle was more just to prove that she looked the best generally speaking.

So, I leave it up to you…who wore it best?? (more…)


Question of the Week

If your had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Be sure to answer in the comment section below or on our Facebook Fan Page.

Last week’s question, “You can pick one person to bring back from the dead, who do you pick? And why?”

Of course there were those that wanted to bring back notables such as…

  • Famous: FDR, regular: my great gramma – Hillary D.
  • Bob Marley. I saw the new documentary last night and boy would I like to meet him in person. –  Jordan E.
  • JFK the most influential president that was taken way to soon. He is the one person that could get this country back to where we belong! – Nelson R.
  • Famous: Marilyn Monroe, regularr: Grandma Marion ♥ – Sarah N.
  • Kurt Cobain. I would love to see a Nirvana in concert alongside Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots – Nels P.

And of course our sentimental types who had personal wishes…

  • My brother I miss him. He had so much life left to live. – Misty A.
  • Diane Demorest – I miss her so. – Cheri F.
  • My Grandfather Albert. Grandpa Jim. Friends who died way too soon and it just goes on. – Kathy H.
  • My brother in-law. It would make my niece & nephew the happiest kids on earth…and so many others who also miss him terribly. –  April McK.
  • My father in law. – April S. 
  • Shasta. Because I owe her so much for who I am today. – Pamula R.

Me…hmm, I would reanimate George Washington for sure. Tell me that guy wasn’t a stone cold ladies man.

Thanks for playing!

– Cougs

Neigh, My Dad is a Zebra

This is my dad, he is a very good man.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, I prefer to say things happen to people, in general.

A few years ago now my father was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer. For those who don’t understand what that means (I barely think I do) we turn to Wikipedia:

Carcinoid (also carcinoid tumor) is a slow-growing[1] type of neuroendocrine tumor, originating in the cells of the neuroendocrine system.

Not that that makes any sense, but thank you Wikipedia none-the-less.

Long story short, Dad diagnosed with cancer. Dad has surgery and gets a lot of stuff removed. Dad recovers. Dad in remission. Win. Although nothing is that simple, right?

Now I don’t see Dad very often, and he’s not a man of many words, so much of the information I get comes from Mom. From what I gather though, this cancer and the surgeries, they left Dad a changed man. He sounds like positive happy Dad that I know on the phone, but he’s fighting a fight.

My Mom is also a fighter and she is there each day fighting for Dad. She too had cancer many moons ago, but she had a brand new me to take care of, so she fought the cancer and more-or-less whipped its ass. My Mom, let me tell you, if you didn’t know her any better you’d think she was an angel (insert chuckles). Without my Mom who knows if we would still have Dad. So I am thankful to God, and I am thankful to Mom. We are all thankful for Mom.

Mom took the battle to the streets and because of her the State of Washington, Clallam County and the City of Forks all recognize today as National NET Cancer Awareness Day.

This is a day to celebrate. Yes, its about cancer awareness, but I’m choosing that awareness to be of how thankful I am to have Dad. He is a good man, and as such deserves this day.

Now if you were patient enough to sit through all I’m sure you’re more than willing now to go donate some money. What are you waiting for, GO! —> DONATE

ps, big ups to April McKnight for designing this proud-ass stallion of a Zebra ❤