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To Thyself Be True

In expressing your style, representing where you’re from, and everything else in life.

Birds of a Feather…

To be a guy does one have to know sports? Do you have to hold allegiance to one team and one team only from each major sport for your entire life? Never wavering? Never doubting? No matter how many goat or bambino curses may lay on your team?

I guess the answer is yes.

I literally know a guy who I think wants to fight me…because I don’t talk sports, and I have to work with this guy every day.

I don’t know sports. I didn’t grow up with sports. I grew up in the Northwest where we had the Sonics, the Seahawks and the Mariners. Those teams suck. They always suck. They might trade in and trade out a few good players, but sports in the Northwest SUCK. I also lived four hours away from these teams. Their influence was weak.

Over my life I’ve been a Rams fan, a Purdue fan, a USC fan (come on, I live in LA!), a Patriots fan, a Raiders fan, a Lakers fan, a Bears fan, a Bulls fan…hell, I’ve even been a Detroit Tigers fan. Scratch that, as a kid I would go to Baskin Robbin when they had the cool sports helmets for ice cream bowls and ask for the Tigers, only I meant I wanted the Bengals. I would always get the stupid little blue Detriot helmet and think the guy behind the counter was an idiot. I was the idiot though…a sports idiot.

This weekend I took a quiet little trip up to the Bay and checked into a Giants game against the Cubbies. Being as that 85% of my friends are from or are currently living in Chicago-land I should have swung my allegiance to the blue, but I thought to myself, “when in Rome.” My grandma was so mad at me. She couldn’t believe I would do the Dodgers like that.

Disgraceful. I feel like I let my family down.

So what do you think? What’s a guy to do? Do you find that allegiance is only skin deep, or does it make/break your relationships?

A house divided is easily conquered.

Oh well, if all else fails I know that I can at least fall back on the Steelers, which is my family team. Not that I’m from anywhere near Pittsburgh, but I can claim it because that’s where most of my roots came from, right? That’s my genetic team, right?

Lord help me.

Sugarland at the Santa Barbara Bowl

I am not a fan of Country music, or at least that’s what I’ve been telling people my entire life. This past weekend I happened to come into possession of tickets to see Sugarland at the Santa Barbara Bowl in you guessed it, Santa Barbara.

Sugar who?

First off, what to wear to your first country concert ever? I must admit, while there is an ounce of hillbilly in my blood, I’ve always dressed true to my city boy nature, so this is what I went with:

This is about as “Country” as I’ll go…

Dodgers hat from Lids (I got multiple compliments), a plaid western button down that I picked up from Crossroads and the most comfortable pair of denim I’ve ever owned thanks to Levi’s. Out of the picture are my Cole Haan “Gunnison” driving shoes. Yee haw.

Now the show…Sugarland was awesome. I can’t believe I just said that, or rather published that online. Please don’t tell anyone.

The energy was explosive. Great band, great songs. They played all of their fan favorites like Settlin’ and Stuck Like Glue, but for their first smash hit Baby Girl they brought up a 12 year old local girl to belt it out. I’ll give her credit, she was sweet and had fun with the lyrics.

Remember, this was all new to me. The guy half of the duo, Kristian Bush, had like like 25 different guitars. Jennifer Nettles, the lead vocalist, rapped Vanilla’s hit “Ice, Ice Baby.” She indeed  rocked the mic like a vandal, and made the stage light up and waxed them chumps like a candle.

My favorite part of the show though was their encore. As a planned surprise, and I’m going to age myself right here, Dave Stewart from Eurythmics came out and jammed as Jennifer channeled Annie Lennox for “Here Comes The Rain Again.” Dave’s sparkle-laden stage make-up was a little…interesting…but the his guitar licks were crackling with electricity.

The Bowl was small and intimate. It only packs about 4500 people looking off to the ocean. Way beautiful and acoustics that will satisfy audio snobs. The summer line-up isn’t really my normal scene, but I think the trip up the coast would be worth the drive.

Maybe I’m a Country fan now. Maybe…

Until next concert, rock on my friends!

– Cougar

Still on that baseball weekend high.

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