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We all have our obsessions. A lot of guys start their obsessions early in life. Cars, football, clothes, books…women. My obsession with watches started a bit later, but I’m gladly catching up here in my 30s and growing a collection that would make pops proud.

Let me share my obsession with you… (more…)


You Only Turn ___ Once

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You only turn 25 once, so you better do the damn thing while in your moment, right? Unlike me, my boo is a little bit less turnt up. My 25th year on Earth was marked by a 5-day Bacchanal festival of raging held in Chicago.  Knowing that my lady is a bit more classic, a bit more…refined I dare say…than me at 25 lead to a completely different type of adventure…  (more…)

A Quarter Century of Awesome: The Blogger Girlfriend’s Birthday

Steph Bday 2014blog-03

25 years is a substantial commitment to being around these days, and when celebrating this hallowed birthday I feel like we should be awarded medals. Good job…25 years of being awesome…*slow clap*

Well she did it…SHE DID IT!!! Stephanie is turning 25 gorgeous, delightful years old tomorrow (Friday)…and if I had a medal to give, she would surely have it pinned on her fashionable birthday suit.

Do me a solid. Before you click *more* where you’ll get to read a story about us, please wish Stephanie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from around the world:



The Blogger Boyfriend Travel Kit

the blogger boyfriend j.crew weekender cole haan dress shoes toms sunglasses hundreds sweater

I only just (re)started blogging a couple weeks ago and I’m already getting a ton of questions about all the adventures Steph and I have been going on, and more importantly, what to pack! Here is what it takes to get me out the door…


Throwback Thursday: RivaBella

Fattt guy in a little coa-a-oat! Yeah…this is how I felt after Steph met me at RivaBella for a world-class meal, prepared for a world-class palate, and abused by my world-class waistline.


Red Rock Stars – Another Blogger Boyfriend Roadtrip

IMG_9787Kyle Sedona 7Sedona 3

Vortexs, energy crystals, mystic talismans…ain’t nobody got time for that! What I did love about road-tripping with my Style Queen, Steph of, is that we got a blast of how incredible Mother Nature can unexpectedly be. I never cease to be amazed, and be grateful, for how much beauty is at our finger tips. (more…)

71 Stanton Grand Opening…and how I saved an old woman


Some people make greatness happen, others wait for greatness to happen to them. After waiting a lifetime for greatness to strike, I finally had my hero moment!! Let me back up for a second… (more…)

Wear. Stay. Drink. Eat. BRNV14 Roadtrip Part 3


Bucket list – CHECK. Saw my favorite group of all time perform live on day 3 of our Bottlerock Napa Valley road trip…and it was everything we could have hoped and dreamed. Or at least for me it was fulfilling hopes and dreams, for Steph, maybe it was more about filling her tummy, haha!  (more…)

Wear. Stay. Drink. Eat. BRNV14 Roadtrip Part 2

Point Lobos 19Point Lobos 8IMG_9525IMG_9530  (more…)

Wear. Stay. Drink. Eat. BRNV14 Roadtrip Part I

IMG_9474Processed with VSCOcam with h4 presetIMG_9480IMG_9485