Month: July 2013

Perks of Being a Blogger Boyfriend: Tea Time with Laundry

I’m thinking of making this a reoccurring column here at Left Coast Fashion as the perks of being a blogger’s boyfriend are many…

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This past weekend my boo, Honey & Silk, was invited to a beautiful little high tea action at the London Hotel in Hollywood. We had a wedding that day so when the boo asked the inviters if she could bring her boyfriend they were gracious enough to say YES! Not surprisingly, I had a wonderful time. The tea was hosted by Laundry by Shelli Segal and gathered some of LA’s most prominent bloggers (which I am not haha). As you can see from the photos we were treated to quite the spread, and I even enjoyed my favorite macaroons via Bottega Louie.

The perks of being a blogger’s boyfriend.


@CougarTweets – Instagram Mondays

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  1. Reflecting on the night that changed everything.
  2. Getting my grill fixed by the best dentist in all of Los Angeles, Dr. Jenny Akagi of Pure Dental.
  3. High tea at The London thanks to @LaundrybyShelli. The perks of being a blogger’s boyfriend.
  4. Fun cocktails at the #DineLA event at the Redbury. Another blogger boyfriend perk.
  5. Getting kissy kissy and silly…wedding shenanigans per usual.

@CougarTweets – Instagram Mondays

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  1. Picking up French again and starting with a little French breakfast at Le Pain Quotiden.
  2. Tempted to steal dogs around Larchmont Village daily. Such a good looking little man.
  3. What color are they? Correct guess gets a free piece of Chloe + Isabel jewelry. Must have 10 guesses in the comments by Friday, July 19.
  4. Where do you think I get it from?
  5. 50 (ish) relationship deal breakers and my thoughts on them.
  6. Making my million.
  7. Follow my girl @HoneynSilk and regram that photo for a chance to win a pair of Cult of Individuality denim:

Relationship Deal-Breakers

I am in a committed relationship. Repeat.

As a guy with a lot of girlfriends girls that are friends I have that wonderful responsibility of being the logical male advice giver. This is a double edged sword because we (those in my shoes) get a lot of the “why is he being this way” types of questions, but our girlfriends girls that are friends hate us when we give them the logical male answer.

Recently a friend of my girlfriend girls that are friends got herself into a situation with her long time boyfriend that I see as an absolute deal breaker. I can’t stand to hear about it any more because it makes my blood boil. When you’re with someone how many deal breakers does it take to say enough? Well, after reading this list I think it should only be one…but that’s my logical male mind.

What do you think? Read on… (more…)

@CougarTweets – Instagram Mondays

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  1. A little pet project for finding happy hours in Downtown Los Angeles. Read more here.
  2. Wedding flexin’ with my two most favorite people in the world.
  3. No better way to stick it to Boston than wearing Chicago Blackhawks gear and bringing a replica Stanley Cup to the Angels / Red Sox game.
  4. I can cook. Chicken stuffed with a kale / mushroom blend, and topped with onion stitches and a honey glaze.
  5. My Starbucks office is complete.
  6. Celebrating half a year down and forever to go with my boo.

Hope you all had a great Independence Day holiday weekend!

Drinks UP! – Worth the Click

Quick Summary: …a  tool to find, organize, and share your favorite happy hours and food and drink specials. Only in Downtown Los Angeles now, but plans for expansion in the future.


Find and organize your favorite specials with improved happy hour special management


That Happened: Instagram Mondays

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  1. “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” …and drinking good coffee…
  2. My boo’s surprise birthday trip to Disneyland, complete with limo and bottle of Veuve Cliquot.
  3. Getting my teeth cleaned by the fab Dr. Akagi. Highly recommended to anyone in the LA Basin. <yelp review>
  4. Holding a job fair for my company, Chloe + Isabel. Interested in Fashion Merchandising? Click here! 
  5. What I won’t do to inspire my @ChloeandIsabel troops
  6. I can hear the heart attack coming thanks to Village Pizzeria in Larchmont