Month: December 2012

Suited & Booted: A Fitting Tale


Quick Summary: Klein Epstein & Parker at 367 North Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA is a gentleman’s fantasy land of fully customized suits. The experience starts with a personal suit fitting by KEP’s stylists. Choose your fabrics, buttons and trims and in 4-5 weeks you’ve got a very personal made-to-measure suit. Step in a man, step out a gentleman suited and booted!

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As a man who runs a lifestyle blog, I rarely blog about my lifestyle as a man. I love to be suited up. I have spent the last seven professional years of my life wearing a suit, almost every single day, transforming myself each morning with a second skin. I wake up and walk out of the house ready to be legen…wait for it…dary. A real life Barney Stinson. Luckily I think I found somebody that understands me.

The suit empowers a man to lead others. The suit creates a story that other’s want to hear. A good suit will frame a man’s conversation and lead him to achieve incredible things. Spencer Evan Schuck, the Men’s Specialist at Klein Epstein & Parker knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Upon entering Klein Epstein & Park on Robertson Boulevard you will be transformed from mere man, to gentleman. I could immediately tell I was being sized up when I walked in. Spencer started out the experience of being fit for a Made-to-Measure suit by learning about who I am, who I see myself as and who I want to be. He skillfully (and with many pins) guided me through fitting pieces to get my precise measurements. At KEP over 60 different measurements to learn you who are. This isn’t off rack. This isn’t Indochino. This is the real deal.

The exciting part comes next when actually designing your suit. This is where the gentleman becomes a playboy. Flipping through books of fabrics and linings, pocket styles and threads, you determine every detail of your suit down to the color of the button holes. At KEP they understand that what’s under the hood is just as important as what’s on the outside. Details like what kind of felt is under your jacket collar, a detail rarely if ever seen, are just as important to making the suit your own. The suit is customized, inside and out, to your every specification and desire.

Bottom line, Klein Epstein & Parker is not just a label, it’s a lifestyle. Time to step your gentleman game up.

– Cougar


Getting my shirt fitted by KEP Stylist Spencer Shauck. He’s ensuring proper fit of every detail, from arm length (because each arm is different in length) to arm girth, collar fit and shirt length.


Spencer walking me through the proper fit and shape of a suit jacket. Each measurement he takes he records so that your fit is always on file. Order from home!


All fit and measured, and ready to move onto design!


Getting to pick from several, several fabrics we decided on a great Fall / Winter houndstooth in brown.


Spencer is showing me the various linings we can use on the inside of my coat.


Spencer suggested this great lining for the coat. I’m sure to look like a gentleman in this suit!


My final choices for trims, buttons, threads and linings.

Les Miserables: I Dreamed a Dream of a Private Screening


And then I woke up and that’s exactly where I was…at 6:30 am.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be an expert on musicals. They’re simply not my steez. While I have at various times in life found myself roped into sitting through some song and dance, I had always turned a blind eye to Les Mis. It is called “The Miserable” after all. Not that I went out of my way to avoid it, but a story of a bunch of dirty French children begging for bread and singing about the Revolution didn’t seem to motivate me to the theater.  Luckily the promise of getting to see Les Miserables before anyone else (I enjoy gloating), followed by a Q&A session with the all-star cast, was enough to motivate me awake, again at 6:30am.

The movie was a wonder. If you want to know what happened…too bad, as I’m not spoiling any of the magic. While lengthy, the action, drama and comedy at times kept me awake without the need of caffeine. The music was powerful and very rarely did it slow enough to cause my eyelids to fight being awake. If you go see Les Miserables on Christmas day you will not be disappointed.

The real jewel here was the Q&A session following the screening with Director Tom Hooper, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne. The cast was graciously authentic in their compliments of each other as they recounted preparing for their roles. There were many interesting stories shared that morning, from Hugh’s stolen bike wheel which led to a 20-block trek through Manhattan to make his audition, to Eddie Redmayne’s lying to Director Tom Hooper about knowing how to ride a horse and how it came back to bite him in the ass seven years later.

The single greatest thing gleaned from the conversation came from a man who smartly asked Hooper about his decision to do live singing instead of dub-track performances, which are the usual standard of Hollywood cinema. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say these live performances will blow the thoughts right out of your mind. When certain people sing certain songs (that are cherished like the national treasures they are) tears will stream down your face. There is nothing like the pure emotion that comes through their eyes, their expressions, that you simply can’t dub in.

The cinematic production of Les Miserables is a triumph. For those who think it is blasphemy to go from stage to screen, you will not be disappointed.

I hope you run to your nearest theater next week, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

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Question of the Week

If you were the last person left on Earth, what would you do?


I would pray to God somehow I become capable of asexual reproduction so that I would have someone as awesome as me to go exploring with!

Who needs genetic variation anyway?

– Cougar