Month: April 2012

Yeah, I was a hipster…when I was 4. #fashion #streetstyle #style #hipster (Taken with instagram)

Shout out Justin Beiber #style #streetstyle #fashion (Taken with instagram)

I thought there was Aston Martin DB7 on the other side…

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Red sock make anything better #style #streetstyle #menswear #fashion #prep #colors (Taken with instagram)

Creepin’…wishing LA weather would just make a decision. Reminds me of Mitt #prep #fashion #menswear #streetstyle #style (Taken with instagram)

Question of the Week

With all that Tupac’n over the last couple weekends that raises the question…

You can pick one person to bring back from the dead, who do you pick? And why?

Last week’s question of a soul’s worth got a lot of great answers. What would you trade your soul for?

  • World peace!  (and about 1 billion dollars) –  Brie S.
  • French Fries… isn’t that what Bart sold his soul to Milhouse for? – Justin E.  
  • All the equity in my soul is overextended already, shit… – Christina R.
  • To save wildlife & wilderness/marine ecosystems. – Ericka W.
  • TRUE LOVE! – Kristine M. 
  • That I knew then what I know now… – Sarah C. 

Then there were the people that wanted more souls:

  • 10 more souls. Wait that’s wishes. –  Joanie Coyote ‎ 
  • ‎3 really primo souls. –  Jim D. 
And of course the ones that wouldn’t trade their souls for anything…
  • Not a damn thing – Rhonda H.
  • Nothing could ever even come close!! – Jackie B.
  • Nothing – I am going to be a good grandma so I can join my grandson when my time on earth is done. –  Sandy H. 
But I thought the best answer went to Dennis W. with “‎2 *extra* hours everyday, that I can have uninterupted to do with as I pleased. That way I would have 2 hours I could do my studies, play a game, do garden work, or just read if I wanted to in my personal 26 hour day.”

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Left Coast Fashion + J-Na Couture

What an incredible day for an once-in-a-lifetime chance to win a seriously legit piece of COUTURE clothing. Scroll down for rules and regulations!

What is couture you ask? 

The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.

I’m proud to say that we’ve teamed with J-na Couture to offer the incredible chance to win a custom piece from her collection. We’re picking either a male or female winner.

Ladies have the chance to win either a handknit silk and lace tank with lace wide leg pants or a reversible couture vest. 

Guys can win the the vest and a couture fur tie that will be made to go along with it. This is compassionate real fur, leather and crushed velvet. Incredible to the touch and to the eyes!

Again, these are couture pieces that can be completed customized in color and style.

How to WIN:

  1. If you’re on Tumblr follow us and leave a comment here stating why we should pick you or telling how you triumphed over an obstacle in your life. 
  2. Follow @COUGARTWEETS and @JNAHAUTECOUTURE on Twitter. Tweet “I’d love to wear a couture piece by @JNAHAUTE COUTURE OUT thanks to @COUGARTWEETS!”
  3. Facebook Like J-na Couture and Left Coast Fashion Facebook and leave a comment under this post about how much you would love to win a couture piece.
  4. Comment on the J-na Couture website about why you love their designs.

If you choose to do all of the above, you will be entered in the contest four times (each will guarantee you one entry). This giveaway will run through the end of this week only, ending at midnight EST on Saturday, May 5, 2012. The winner will be announce Monday, May 7, 2012. The winner is encouraged to submit a photo wearing their custom design from J-na!

Sorry, US addresses only! EXACT measurements must be supplied to create your couture piece. You won’t be disappointed!

Tweet, comment, like, etc. etc. as much as you can. You’ve got one week and a piece made custom for you on the line!

-Cougar & J-na Couture

SIDE NOTE: When I found out about J-na Couture I was drawn to the brand because of my love of knits. They have so many wonderful colors and textures in the designs. The more I read and corresponded with this Chicago-based label the more I really came to admire and respect the personality behind the clothes. Couturier J-na has a personal story that is inspiring to say the least. Read of triumph over tragedy here

Spring into ____ #style #streetstyle #menswear #fashion #prep #colors #dorky (Taken with instagram)

Stop and smell the bushes #colors #prep #fashion #streetstyle #style #menswear (Taken with instagram)

Spotted this over at 2 Dope Boyz. Made for instantaneous laughter, and a little head scratching too.

Enjoy Friday my friends. It only comes once a week!