Month: December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Left Coast Fashion!

I have fallen into a case of foaming at the mouth rabies when it comes to the music of The Weeknd.

Literally, waiting since August 18, 2011 for this moment.

For those of you not on Abel Tesfaye’s tip yet, get it. You’re welcome.

the-weekndxo: (

He’s got Michael on this. He goes Michael on this. Brave son. 

He Said, She Said: The Five Year Engagement

Stacy, over at The Style Goddess asked me to respond to an article at centered around Judd Apatow’s The Five-Year Engagement coming out 2012.
– For the original article, click here.
– Stacy’s response, click here.
So…in my own words…
Would You Still Want To Marry Your Groom If Your Engagement Got Dragged Out Over FIVE Years?

The real question is would I still want to marry you if you waited for me for five years?! Just my two cents, but I don’t know if I could respect a woman who waited five years to marry any guy who had the balls to pop the question, and no follow through. Exceptions can be made in the cases of being comatose or lost at sea…I promise the minute I wake up/get rescued we’ll get married. Pinky swear.
If you need five years to “save up” for the wedding, you’re missing the point.
If you’ve been “deployed” for five years…well, you must not be an American citizen, and you’re missing the point.
If you’ve been bickering with your in-laws…what the hell is wrong with you? Get over it, because you’re missing the point.
Isn’t the point to love, honor, cherish, etc. in sickness, health, for richer, for poorer, etc. etc.? “But true love will stand the test of time!” No, you’re wrong. Move on.
Rip the band-aid off. Tie the knot. Always remember, “happy wife, happy life.”

If you was in a pine box,
I would surely break the lock.
I’d jump right in and fall asleep,
Cause you are the death of me.

Kendrick Lamar via Drake – Buried Alive



iPhone Apps for the OCD

Straight up, I hate people who think because they have 45 apps basically doing everything short of wiping their a** for them, that they are the cat’s meow.

My Iphone looks like a well organized symphony of how to efficiently get through life without relying on my Iphone. Besides the obligatory Map, Facebook, Weather there are very few apps I would consider worth space that could be better wasted on a new Drake single.

There are exceptions. These are my recommended Iphone apps for the Obsessive, Compulsive and the Disorderly:

  1. Cardmunch: I just got this app yesterday and my professional life is already 1000% better because of it. The app scans business cards using your Iphone’s camera and digests the information into an e-card which you can easily save to contacts, call or write an email from. I am going to literally waste Sunday lurching over a pile of business cards like Gollum over his ring. Someone, make me your CEO immediately. For screenshots click here. Hiss, hiss…my precious.
  2. Photosynth: This app is purely for bragging rights. Have you ever been to the Hagia Sofia? The Dead Sea? I didn’t think so. If you can stomach my arrogant grinning come by and I will show you incredible 360 panoramic views. Check out the website for 50,000+ synths bringing this world to life like you’d never imagine possible. Brought to you by Microsoft. (thank you, now pay me).
  3. Tripit: The NUMBER ONE MOST AWESOME APP ON THE PLANET. If you love to travel there is no app greater. Tripit scans your email for new itineraries and syncs them to your phone. It turns all confirmations into simple daily itineraries complete with maps and contact information for your airlines, hotels, car rentals, tour groups, etc. Now only if it could wipe my…nevermind.

Apps not worth your time:

  1. Anything that reads a QR code. To the app developers still trying to make QR codes happen, a quote from Mean Girls:

“Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen”

If you’re reading this and simultaneously googling, “What is a QR Code?” …exactly.

You are all now the ‘cat’s meow.’

Presidential Royalty. Classically cool. Don’t you want to be rollin’ on the Vineyard with JFK?


Your Afternoon Shot

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom, and the enemy of growth.”—John F. Kennedy

More style inspiration here.

Chukka: Yes. Stripes: Yes. Rolled up pant legs: No.

Get a tailor.


GQ Office Style: @ejsamson conquering the world with this John Varvatos chukka boot and striped H&M sock combo

Its good to see Valentino Red alive and well. If you’ve never watched The Last Emperor, netflix immediately.


Livestream of Valentino’s Virtual Museum Launch, New York

Meh…what do you think? Interesting, classic and stylish…but not overwhelmingly cool.


The Best Plaid Accessories of the Season

That bold check pattern you’re seeing everywhere? It’s not going away anytime soon. Get on board now like grabbing a hold of this Jack Spade bag for $395.

More of the season’s best buffalo plaid accessories here.

Photograph by Elissa Wiehn