Month: October 2011

LA Fashion Week at Sunset Gower Studios: Anthony Franco

Ah, a return to Fashion Week…finally.

As we all know LA Fashion Week is not New York Fashion Week…or even Miami Fashion Week. At this point I think I’ve gotten the hint that its not trying to be anymore. Maybe that’s why Mercedes-Benz left.

At any rate I was glad to be back by the runway. I had missed it. I missed the lights. I missed the pit. I missed the front row attendees poised as if they were the ones center stage, because secretly they are. There is just something about the energy that swirls around in a well executed show that makes going to sleep that night tough.

Anthony Franco made my night tough. I’m young in the Fashion circuit. Thankfully I’ve been embraced, but I’m young. I didn’t know dear Franco had been a staple LA Fashion Week designer. I didn’t know that he had designed for celebrities, movies and TV shows, because he has. I didn’t know his men’s tailoring was so meticulous, yet fun. I didn’t know the execution of his evening wear silhouettes was so sexy and flawless, but it is.

Anthony Franco your work speaks for itself. Here are just a few of my favorite pieces. Click here for more images.


Poem #Fail

Dreadful imaginings,
Quiet happenings,
Brow sweating,
Pulse racing,
Nervous anxious flirtatious,
Rhyme escaping and
The poem going to shit.

Fashion, don’t.

I would want this too…if I didn’t have my own personal bow tie maker who did it better…

Joshua Christensen Bow Tiesgqfashion:

Stuff We Want: LYONSTATE x Hitsman Plaid Bow Tie

Half Bunyan, half Bond, and all bad-ass. More info here.

This is going on my vision board. That’s me in ten…minus the hair.


Labels to Know: Rose & Born

Anyone up for a styling clinic? Bring a pen, and pad to Rose & Born’s 2011 fall/winter lookbook joint. It’s kind of absurdly elevated, menswear porn type of stuff. If that’s not enough, check out this behind-the-scenes video.

What if You Woke Up Today with Only What You Thanked God for Yesterday?

and the most appropriate responses:

Richard: “That would explain Qaddafi’s inability to escape militia ambushes this morning.”

Dave: “That would be a lot of tacos.”

Richard: “What if you woke up one morning and found out that someone divided by zero and now we’re all fucked?!”

Exactly. Tomorrow is the end of the world. Thank someone for something.

Rock Out With Your Sock Out

My students’ favorite game is What Socks are Mr. ***** Wearing Today?

Treat each day as though it might be the last time anyone sees your socks.

LA Fashion Week: Project Ethos Spring/Summer 2012

skip to the images…

This is my third or fourth year attending the opening act of LA’s storied Fashion Week, Project Ethos. Changing the locale to the famous Sunset Strip House of Blues and headlining with Will.I.Am, Project Ethos promised to show that they got their big boy pants on.

While I can’t say that Project Ethos hasn’t gotten to this point without its growing pains, I can reflect back and see the amazing progress it has had in defining itself as an event, and creating a forum for those “next” in the music, art and fashion scene.

Unfortunately being fashionably late my power team (affectionaly dubbed The Conglomerate) missed opening music act Pete Wentz and The Black Cards. Double unfortunate was that by the time the show was over and we got upstairs a majority of the artists had packed up and left. So, that leaves the fashion to focus on. Luckily, thanks to an ever gracious host, I scored a front row seat for you…

Instead of running through each designer I wanted to focus on two of the ten that I was especially pleased with.

Inspired by music, art and technology,’s appropriately titled collection, “I.Am” was a win. And a lose. I.Am’s Fall 2011 looks have a great sense of line continuity. Each piece is extremely wearable, edgy and with the grey/black palette would definitely look right on the streets of New York. The looks would even work to help a LAite look more like less easy going. That’s what we’re know for right? Anyway, this is a label that you can see the artist’s influence in, whether Will actually designed or not. Continuity is key.

Now I have to put my man on blast for a second here. Will you pulled a Kanye. Did I read the card wrong? Isn’t this Spring/Summer? Another rapper showcasing Fall looks in the Fall. That is a universal Fashion Week fail. I was disappointed also that being an LA native didn’t make an appearance at his own show.

The second designer I was especially pleased with was Nami. Nami showcased a completely marketable and wearable line that had flowing lines for the Summer and mixed textures for the Spring. Color was used sparingly, but when used, used so correctly. Like I.Am I felt like this was a very New York ready line in the sense that details were sparse, but elegance was abundant.

Overall my impression is this: Project Ethos, you are a LA Fashion Week staple. I admire what you’re doing. Putting on new talent and being taken seriously for it is no easy task. I admire where you’re headed. Cooler venues, bigger names. Steps in the right direction. I simply ask one thing, help bring LA Fashion Week back to glory. Keep raising the bar for yourselves so that the rest of the world will see fashion in LA the way I see it, a fashion capital.



Event Card

ps, The Conglomerate…respect it.

Louis V bag, Tatts on your arms

With your Louis V bag
Tatts on your arms
High-heel shoes make you six feet tall
Everybody wants you, you can have them all
But I got what you need
Girl I got your bag, I got it all
Hold your drink baby don’t you fall
Be there in a minute baby just one call
You don’t gotta ask me…

The Weeknd – Party and The Afterparty

Yeah…its like that.

Life is such an amazing gift.